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Re: Worth Reading

I would like to express my support for Bob's message. We're in a
"time of parentheses" (as my late mentor, Tom Mulkeen of Fordham,
used to say), and we need to reach out to present and former
adversaries. If we're trying to influence hearts and minds (and we
are!), then we need all the help we can get. It's become somewhat of
a cliche, but Nixon's trip to China changed everything ... this is a
parallel situation. We should be targeting some of the "other
side's" heavy hitters and bring them around to our rational point of
view. Could you imagine if dozens of superintendents came out and
publicly supported fair and open testing? (Actually, neither can I,
but I think you get the point.)


--- Bob Schaeffer <bobschaeffer@EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:
> Absolutely, Rick. I didn't "endorse" the article, just referred
> people
> to it as "interesting." The American School Board Journal seems to
> have
> picked spokespeople who are neither strong critics nor strong
> supporters.
> The most fascinating aspect, in my historical view, is Jim
> Popham's
> evolution away from being a standardized testing advocate. His
> current
> position seems to be that some tests might be OK, though he cannot
> name
> one.
> Still and all, our movement needs to leave space open for people
> who
> have been on the other side to ally with our cause. At this stage,
> having someone with Popham's stature delivering a message that is
> largely supportive (though imperfect from FairTest's perspective)
> is a
> real advantage. An insistence on purism will guarantee our defeat.
> Bob Schaeffer, Public Education Director
> FairTest: National Center for Fair & Open Testing
> Rick Parkany wrote:
> >
> > Yes, yes, Bob...but don't you think this article and its
> publisher pulled the
> > punch on this one?
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