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Re: Is this acceptable too?

>>>>>It's this.... this kind of response that makes me feel like I must be
from a different planet. But I notice that everyone else is very quiet.
and I can only hope i'm not alone. <<<<<<<

They're probably out doing exciting things... like picketing or
deconstructing the standard error of measurement of the WASL. ;) As for
myself, I just watched my Heels get whooped in the ACC tourney-- no big
suprise-- but at least we were within 15 points of Duke. There's some pride
in that. ;)

>>>>>>>>teresa..... maybe you're confused with little league baseball.
this is PUBLIC school and they are ADVERTISING on the back of these kids
school spirit shirts.<<<<<<<<<<<

Yes, I understand that. I'm just saying, there's advertising all *over*
school. I'll bet the words Pepsi or Coke are on your school's scoreboard.
My school has ads on the outfield fence of the baseball field. We watch
Channel 1 every morning (which I hate).

All I'm saying is, if this is something the kids got free as a result of a
business donating them AND the kids aren't forced to wear the shirts, it's
not a problem.

>>>>>>>>> I definitely should not be denied the right to purchase a add to
put AISD IN UNIFORMS website address on the back of one of these spirit
shirts then huh?<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Well, isn't that more of a political statement than a pipe fitting business
or whatever that ad was for. I wouldn't want, say, a "Vote Bush" ad on the
back of a school's shirt anymore than I'd think an ad for *anything*
political would be appropriate.

>>>>>>>>>> How about a different BUSINESS.... say Joe's Billiard's? maybe
even the Tanning salon down the street... or are these hand chosen business?

Obviously common sense would need to be used. Although my kids wear Hooters
shirts all the time to school-- and Tommy Hilfiger ought to be donating crap
to my school, as often as I have to read his name on the kis' shirts and
jeans these days. ;)

>>>>>>>>>>Hummm..... come to think of it...maybe I should DONATE school
spirit shirts with the website address on the back. cool...i'll try

Do. I'd be interested to see what the school would say.

>>>>>>>>The spirit shirts are purchased by the students.<<<<<<<<<<<

Voluntarily, right? That makes all the difference to me: if you want kids
to have a choice of what they wear, you can't oppose it because you have a
problem with an advertising logo on the back. Either they choose what they
wear or they don't.

Most likely the business donated the shirts or defrayed the costs and the
profits were used to fund a club or the athletic boosters. (And you really
don't want me to get started on athleetics in school... ;) )

>>>>>>>> But your questions sound like a great request for information.
I'll get them in right away. <<<<<<<<<<

Again, I have to suggest that the administration of this school has
hundreds, if not more than a thousand kids, to deal with. I think these
issues are tangential to your main cause and, as I've stated several times,
pursuing these types of issues only weakens any stance you take against
uniforms. You will find it very hard to convince anyone in education that
free stuff is bad-- we're pack rats and given the dearth of supplies we
already have, we'll take what we can get. At this moment I'd just about be
willing to sell my body for another computer in my classroom... but after
three kids I'm thinking that I'd get, at most, an old Apple IIE. ;)

I guess my main concern with your posts is that I think you are getting away
from your original purposes and are venturing into much cloudier areas. I
think that constantly hounding the administration regarding every single
solitary aspect of the school makes you appear completely unreasonable and
it makes it appear as though all you want to do is prevent them from getting
on with day to day school stuff. Fight uniforms-- I'm all for it. But
don't weaken your own position by bringing in outside issues and barraging
the school for information that's not related to your stated cause.

Or totally ignore me. Stranger things have happened. ;)

Teresa G.

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