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Re: a reflection on ESEA


My mistake. I somehow got the impression that Bush was the president. Your
logic is compelling. I guess Gore is president now. Boy, some of these
newspapers and news shows are way off. They keep referring to President
Bush. They are really going to be embarassed when they grasp your logic and
realize that Gore is now the president.

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Subject: Re: a reflection on ESEA

> George Cunningham wrote:
> > Ken,
> >
> > In case you didn't notice a Republican president was elected in 2000.
> > has approval ratings up in the eighties. Is it a shock that he is
> > implementing conservative policies? That is why he was elected.
> I'll respond to two of your posts at the same time, Mr. C.
> 1) Ashcroft's singing is hardly his role as Attorney General, which is
> aspect of why I forwarded it. But also, he can't sing very well. And
yet, if
> you remember, he feels that his dignity was being assailed by standing in
> of the statue of Justice. And, at least according to the Guardian story,
> has tried to impose his song upon employees, this after having all but
> that senior employees pray with him when he first arrived. He can be a
> zoroastrian for all i care, but in his role as attroney general he should
> be imposing his personal views. Further, he promised to uphold the law,
> regardless of his personal views. Whic leads to
> 2) the positions taking legally by this adminstration, especially with
> to hwo "suspected" terrorists have been hodl without access to counsel,
> etc, for extended periods, often without being charged, is in iitself not
> a vilation of law, but gives justification to people who seize Americans
> treat them with lack of respect
> 3) Finally, you assume Bush was elected. Remember that even if he did
> win the Florida vote (which under a fair interpretation of Flroida law, if
> undervotes werre counted, and if the legitimate overvotes where people
> an wrote in the same name were counted [Florida law requires that a vote
> counted if the voter's intent can be clearly ascertained; and by the way,
> under a Texas law signed by Nush when governer indented chad ballots
> when manually examined - so if Bush wants to impose Texas educational
> maybe he should have been willing to live by texas voting standards], and
> all those whose registration was being challenged had been allowed as they
> supposedto be tunder Florid law to cast provisional ballots, there is
> doubt that Gore carries the state by in excess of 10,000 votes. Heck,
> the overseas ballots which arrived late, which were allowed for 10 days
under a
> Federal court agreement that had applied to only one particular election
> which the Leon County judge was preparing to throw out before Ben Ginsberg
> wisely pulled the Republican law suit on the issue, Bush loses the state
> around 250 votes. Even absent all that (a) he trailed Gore by more than
half a
> million - in otherwords, Gore's popular vote margin was almost 5 times
that of
> Jack Kennedy (b) he lost seats in both the House and the Senate ---
> he was not given a mandate for an extremely conservative stance, nor did
> campaign as an extreme conservative. So I find your remarks somewhat out
> line.
> Now, my remarks about Palmer and about the potential attack on the Bill of
> Rights are not made up out of whole clothe, or becaus I am some flaming
> - in many ways I am not. There are a fair number of even conservative
> scholars who have questions both the actions of the administration and
some of
> the provisions of the Patriot act.
> having said all that, Mr. C, as I already noted in a previous response in
> of these threads, at least one of my posts was more than a little bit
tongue in
> cheek.
> Maybe the reason you couldn't grasp it was that it was expressed in
> terms, and like many psychometricians, you can't handle anything you can't
> quantify?
> [btw - that is also a tongue in cheek, qualitative remark. So don't get
> shorts in a bunch].
> have a nice night.
> KB
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