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Many problems with Rothstein's piece

There are many problems with Rothstein's piece.
First is that Minnesota, which he claims gets no benefits from the many
people who leave - actually gets great benefits because over the last decade
there has been a major influx of people coming to Minnesota, many to attend
college and then stay here.

another problem is that an important purpose for college isn't just to get a
certain kind of job.

Economic projections have been wrong many, many times - there are plenty of
reasons to question the projections Rothstein cites.

The final question is how well colleges are preparing people for the world.
I think there is a fair amount of not especially effective teaching going on
- so I think we need changes in for example, the lecture method that is so
widely used in college.

A fascinating study of about 20 years ago compared high grades in high
school, high grades in college, high scores on the Am. College Testing
Program, and participation in high school debate, drama, speech, music and
journalism. The goal was to see which was the best predictor of adult
success - measured in many ways, not just income. 3 of the 4 factors did not
predict adult success - only participation in high school extracurriculars

So let's not be so sanguine about college.


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