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Re: a reflection on ESEA

Juanita Doyon wrote:

> In a message dated 3/18/02 12:29:15 PM Pacific Standard Time,
>> The media isn't skeptical about testing and how good tests can be
>> and so they aren't asking the hard questions.
> This is an incredibly important point. The media, like most parents,
> assume the tests are valid and reliable. And they don't realize they
> are being used in a different way than when they were in school. We
> need an activist HAMMER to wake them up. But then, that would be
> fashioning our strategies a little too much like the testocrats.
> Juanita

There is perhaps another way, which is to try to educate them about
validity and reliability. Again, this is where a clearly written op-ed
piece can come in useful. It may be a bit too much for a 100-200 word
letter to the editor.

One also needs to realize that most writers on the education beat have
no formal training in things like statistics, psychometrics, etc.
Sometime, if you take the time to communicate with them in a non-hostile
way, you might be able to have wee bit of influence.

Ken bernstein