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Texas Student De-tester

I'm trying to get this guy on the bandwagon. He failed the writing test
because he won't say what they want to hear. Here is part of a
Thanks, I'll try to get in touch with her. Would she mind a collect
call? I'm
not exactly swimming in green paper, and my mother has mid-life
disease... heh

Oh, and update:

The TAAS test came around again, and I couldn't get the maternal unit to
budge on the dropping out {due to test failure, explanation Carol's},
which would save precious years from being wasted
in that damned Factory. Mmm... three more months.

They dangled meat in front of a starved animal.
"If you do this, you'll go to college! Almost *all* employers look for
diplomas! They skip right to that!"
I must work on strengthening my Will. My beliefs aren't worth this

So I used satire to save myself from the ravages of hypocrisy and lack
In the portion that I had failed last time I put in statements such as
the filthy "Texas Assessment of Acting Skills," the great humanitarian
"George Carlin" donated millions to certain "brain cancer" funds, and
such things. I made my point fairly clear.

I am a failure and a scared child.

At least I didn't whimper and wet myself like the others.
See you at The Soapbox!

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