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Re: Fwd: SATs put 8th-graders to test - 03/26/02

> At 7:38 PM -0500 3/26/02, Teresa or J Glenn wrote:
> >Just wanted to note that some of these kids are taking the SAT in
> >order to get into summer enrichment programs like Duke's TIP program
> >which is for gifted 8th/ 9th and I think 10th graders.
> >
> >Teresa G.
> It is still the parents' idea to make them take the test for these
> programs. Although there is some benefit to them, most of them are
> just a scam to leach money from obsessive parents. Mostly, they are
> summer camps for spoiled brats.
> VS-)

Well, add me to your mental list of spoiled brats then since I did the TIP
program two summers in a row and learned more there than I did in about 8
previous years of English classes in "real" school.

Teresa G.

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