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Re: Guess whose chairing the assessment committee??

In a message dated 3/27/02 4:55:33 PM Eastern Standard Time,
rparkany@BORG.COM writes:

> then this thing w/Diana popped up and I imputed to your new

FIRST, my name is Deanna, NOT Diana.

> found relationship more than was evident--but I'm gun-shy and I've had
> methodologic
> and ethical bones to pick with her for a few years, now. In fact, Square-D
> has much
> to say on a few other lists with whom I correspond and, I may be wrong,
> if you
> research her *platform*, I hope you, too, will see where it is wanting.

SECOND, I am President of D Squared Assessments, Inc. Square-D is an
entirely different entity to which I am not at all affiliated.

THIRD, I am an honored US Delegate and strong supporter of well designed
assessments that are used for the purposes intended. I do not support poorly
designed tests or those that knowingly uses tests for purposes other than
were intended.

FOURTH, My platform is "Expanding the POWER of Assessments!" to ensure that
No Child is Left Behind. I strongly support the President's and the US
Education Secretary's Agenda.

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