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Re: Education Week- Daily News Education Articles


I also often send Jimmy things, and he has been very good about posting
them. Oone of the reason you have seen as much as you have about goings on
in Prince Geroge's County is that I send him things form the PG Journal
(which must drive Metts, the superinendent nuts, since I know she looks at
Jimmy's news summary). He has also chosen to post some of the pieces I have
written. He is happy to receive things about which he might not know.

But isn't a judgment call as to what papers are major? While you might not
consider the Buffalo paper major, it is the major paper for a good chunk of
Western New York.
Have a nice day. I spent yesterday trying to persuade my computer tax
program that it really shouod allow me to do something I know is legal. It
won't. So, after all that, I am going to have to file by hand, after I make
the adjustments the computer won't allow. To err is human. To really
f@#$%^^ thins up takes a computer.

Ken Bernstein

Victor Steinbok wrote:

> At 7:28 PM -0500 3/28/02, kber wrote:
> >for thos not aware of it, EdWeek puts up this daily clippings list M-Fr
> >(not inlcuidng holidays). Between this and Educationnews you can get
> >a good glimpse on stuff about education around the country
> >
> >Ken Bernstein
> >
> >
> >http://www.edweek.org/clips/
> Ken,
> In my previous--still single--incarnation, I actually checked both
> sites daily and supplied Jimmy with all the non-overlapping links
> from edweek AND MORE. Unfortunately, this is a very time-consuming
> enterprise, especially on an old Mac (and my wife already thinks I
> spend too much time doing this--she's right). EdWeek has a three- or
> four-person staff to do this and they are well behind Jimmy on all
> the articles that appear outside of their limited list of
> publications (who ever thought of the Buffalo paper as a primary
> source?) and they don't post until noon, while Jimmy is up before 8
> AM. Another difference is that Jimmy posts everything you send him
> either the next day or the one after (if he gets it after 11 PM), so
> he's a good source for both getting the news and distributing it. If
> you have any press-releases or local news clippings that he does not
> have, I recommend forwarding them to him early in the day (or you can
> just CC him when posting them here).
> Of course, I am letting the cat out of the bag--in the past, when I
> found something worthwhile here, I would either forward it to Jimmy
> myself or put him in touch with the source. Now may be the time to
> cut out the middle man, as I need to devote my time to other, more
> professional activities. If a couple of people divide up the duties
> of the EdWeek list, you can create a "virtual computing" background
> to Jimmy's page. I've recommended this idea to him before, but he
> wants to maintain control of the site, so he'll still have to post
> all the links.
> VS-)
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