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Re: Hypocrisy and the Dark Ages

At 07:12 AM 3/21/2004 -0800, Scott Hays wrote:

>"The Minnesota Department of Education's new social studies and science
>standards were approved by the Minnesota House on Thursday, but only after
>lawmakers amended the document to reflect the views of critics of evolution."


I am very curious about the "evidence" being cited to cast doubt on the
accuracy of cell theory and the germ theory of disease. This is new. Can
anyone shed light, or point me in a direction where I can find it myself?

What if there isn't any? Could the inclusion of more than one theory be intended simply as cover for the fact that the whole point is to foster attacks on evolutionary theory?

<<students will be able explain how new technology and evidence "can challenge portions or entire accepted theories and models, including, but not limited to, cell theory, theory of evolution and germ theory of disease.">>

Prejudice, n.: A vagrant opinion without visible means of support. - Ambrose Bierce