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Re: Art Burke & Creationism in Minnesota

In a message dated 3/25/2004 10:30:26 PM Eastern Standard Time,
ABurke5054@aol.com writes:
To go on a somewhat different tack, one that I hope takes us away from ID,
NCLB requires testing of science in elementary, middle, and high school in
What effect do you see this having on science teaching?
You can see the results in VA where we have been teaching to the test since
1998: science is multiple choice. Lab work/hands on experiments are going by
the wayside as we press for better pass rates on multiple choice tests.

My elementary aged kids are memorizing stuff for tests but have little
understanding of much of it. Susan O had a great example of a fifth grade Science
SOL question on her website. http://susanohanian.org/show_testitems.html?id=5

And because pass rates = school accreditation, we are also dividing high
school courses in half so that some kids don't ever get to the test. Or for
higher level sciences, the number of kids enrolled in those courses in high school
falls each year.