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Re: Fw: Thank you--and more GOOD NEWS for the GOOD

At 11:49 AM -0700 01.05.03, Art Burke wrote:
I know reading such a complicated statement is hard for you, but I
didn't say the system was failing 30 percent of the kids. Bussard's
discussants did. Have a long talk with them about Arkansas and MIT,
throw in Sweden while you're at it.

Actually, the "discussant" said that the system is failing 30% of the students, not that 30% of the students are failing. And the word "crisis" was attached by you, o'wise one. I know, for someone with your expertise, the difference is so minor it is hardly relevant. Fortunately, it matters for the rest of us.

And when talking about educational systems, I will gladly throw in Sweden... and Holland and Hungary...