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Re: Dixie Chicks, Michael Moore, etc.

Nah! theze Chookies are a cuplA Flesh Pots underneath the opportunism--like
Jane Fonda in her Oh! so passe naked beach shot (sans beaver) @ the height
of HER politicization, they've prostituted themselves in a new marketing
strategum that uses--of all things--flesh exposure to hike the charts.

Flesh beats politics like beach shots beats sports hands dwon for this
country's true blue boYz

WhoDUH!ThunkIt? ;-} rap.

Karen Canty wrote:

> Hi,
> Just some interesting information that I discovered the other day.seems
> that the Dixie Chicks CD is back in first (after a slight bump to third)
> on the Country/Western charts; they opened to a sold-out enthusiastic
> crowd in South Carolina last night; and Michael Moore's book is back, I
> think, in number one in non-fiction ahead of Savage Nation.so maybe all
> the disc-crushing, "we're not playing them on OUR radio stations," etc.
> had very little lasting effect..thank goodness.
> Now maybe we can just get back to "do we like their music or not" mode.
> Karen
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