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Re: The California witness list--billee


Where did you get the idea that California's governor is a liberal Democrat?

A Republican staffer at the Capitol told me that there are three parties there: Democrats, Republicans and Gray Davis.

After the Democratic rank and file got him elected in 1998, Davis cozied up to business interests, letting it be known that he would block bills sought by traditional Democratic interest groups like organized labor.

The prison guards are among his biggest contributors and he's notorious for his refusal to grant parole even when his own Board of Prison Terms recommends it. It wasn't until this winter, when a recall loomed as a real possibility, that Davis began to make nice once again with liberal constituencies.

Davis used to work for Jerry Brown, but that was a long time ago, and if Brown was a liberal then it doesn't prove that Davis is now. Davis is not a right wing extremist. He's not anti-gay, anti-abortion, or against the teaching of evolution, but you'd have to be a fool to run for statewide office in California with those positions. Davis is not liberal in any progressive sense. He is a corporate tool.

At 12:04 AM 5/6/2003 -0400, you wrote:

Well, here's an interesting article on the lawsuit in California in which
year-round school is cited among the education inequities disproportionately
imposed on minority and poor children. Many of you will recognize some names
you love to hate on the list of expert witnesses for the state which is
saying there is nothing wrong with its richman/poorman school districts.

Line up the experts who think that education inequity, including year-round
school, is justifiable and you find these are the same folks who support
school vouchers and support school privatization. Is there a connection
between those who support privatization and efforts to undermine public
education by imposing the year-round calendar on public schools? I rest my
case with the witness list for the state.

There is a strange twist here. The prime expert witness for the state are
from conservative "think tanks" and the state's leader is a liberal
Democrat. Go figure.
Will some of you California folks explain this, please?



George Sheridan