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Re: bad item

Was I the first and only one who--as a boy being taught this Copernican
Revolution against Tolomeic Cosmology for the first time--realized for an
absolute (or is it relative?) FACT that, IF so, THEN the Sun revolves around
Pluto, as well???

I was never an easy student in class.

When I mentioned later on some decades after that expeience, while writing a
dissertation in the Philosophy Dept. @ Tulane (right off-Burbon Street),
that it is up to we more *knowing* to complete this Copernican Revolution by
returning *The Earth* to the Center of All Things, and our place in it, as
well...I was mocked by the more ignorant and slothful thinkers in the
seminar and was encouraged to frame my dissertation w/this thesis by my

Oh! and BTW: I learnt more MATH & SCIENCE, once I got into the Philosophy
Department, than I EVER did, even while studying Admiral Rickover's
curriculum while @ USNA!

Oh well...YOU do th' philosophy and first principles! ;-} rap.

Art Burke wrote:

> A child who understands the concept of plantets revolving around the sun
> should have no trouble with the concept of "none of the above." Art
> >>> PAVURSOL@aol.com 05/05/03 07:51PM >>>
> When my now seventh grader was in third grade, he came home to tell me
> about
> a bad test item on the science SOL test. The question was
> (paraphrased) "how
> long does it take the sun to go around pluto? A. 1 week b. 1 year
> c.
> 100 years d none of the above.
> Evan was scoffing at the silliness of the question (he was a walking
> planet
> factoid machine at that time; he could name all the named moons of most
> of
> the planets - for fun, mind you). "Mom," he said. "Everyone knows
> that the
> sun doesn't go around pluto. Pluto orbits around the sun (and then
> launched
> into a description of the way it goes around the sun which is
> apparently more
> of an oval)." I told him that there really was an answer and to think
> about
> it. He mouthed the question to himself and then said there was still
> no
> answer. I told him the answer the test makers wanted was "none of the
> above." He looked at me like I was nuts. "Mom," he said. "Listen to
> the
> question: HOW LONG does it take the sun to go around pluto? HOW LONG.
> How
> long does it take the sun to go around pluto? None of the above
> doesn't even
> fit with the sentence."
> Since I didn't see his test, I don't know what he actually bubbled but
> I know
> he got it wrong.
> Mickey
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