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Re: Cambridge Schools Try Integration by Income

Arthur Hu wrote:

> Shaker heights and Prince George County are classic examples of
> high income mostly black communities with low test scores.


you obviously know very little about Prince Goerge's County.

yes, the average houshold income is over 50,000 - for the entire county. But
the averge household income of the families of Afrcian American students in the
public schools is signficantly lower, which is why a significant number of
schools have very higth free and reduced lunch figures.

The dangers of taking one figure (average income for the county as a whole) that
is not applicable to the school community and therefore making incorrect

How do I know? I teach in Prince Goerge's County, although in the cas of the
school at which I teach, our scores, even disaggregated by race, are
significantly higher than the rest of the county.

Oh, btw, rather than looking at the household income in isolation, perhpas you
should consider the followibng:
1) even that household income is lower (sgnificantly) than any other major
jurisdiction in the DC metro area (which has a very high cost of living) except
for the District itself

2) PG schools spend far less per student than any of the other major districts
- now around 7,000, as comnpared to over 10,000 in Arlington, Falls Church and
Alexandria, and well over 8,000 in next door Montgomery County.

3) as a result of far lower salaries, PG has the highest proportion of any
district in the rea except DC of teachers who are not fully qualified

4) PG has the highest teacher turnover over the past 6 years - even higher than

So to use PG to make the point you are tyring to make is to truly distort the

Have a nice night.

Ken Bernstein