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Re: What no student should know or be able to do

In a message dated 05/20/2003 3:30:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
arthurhu@attbi.com writes:

> I've never seen anybody point out that if you gave out a test
> of stuff that no 4th grader should know - square, square root,
> proportionality, decimal math, reading Harry Potter from cover
> to cover, naming state capitols and presidents, or WWII
> fighter planes - y

Why would no student know these things? Lots of 4th graders know these
things. Just because these questions may be on a test does not mean that
students who do not know some of them would fail the test. Also, unless you
ask some questions that not all students are expected to know you truly will
be dumbing down the population of test takers--particularly if you are in a
school with a mind set to "teach to the test"