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Re: NYTimes.com Article: Stating the Obvious

52K is not bad money if the overall tax rate can be lowered. Sales, income etc.

Art Burke wrote:
Median income of family households in 2001: $52,275


DMDesiderata@aol.com 05/27/03 11:28AM >>>

A close friend of mine has been saying, for years, that the goal is to
get rid of the middle class. In her view, the middle class has always been
the corner stone of the US, but the more one looks at these trends, the
more clear it is that the middle class is decreasing ... with the lower class
increasing. This is dreadful and scary.

I've got lots of data on this. Much of it is fairly easy to find by
doing the appropriate searches on the Internet. There stuff on the average

household income, unemployment rates, etc. If that is not enough,
consider how technology is putting more and more people out of work.....look at
ATM's, self service check outs in food stores and department stores, etc. The more
folks that are put out of work, the more people will be added to the lower class
and be below the poverty level.
It's a train wreck, but I fear there is nothing we can do to prevent
the derailment.

"Miracles happen to those who believe."
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