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Re: That mythical "core of good ideas"

In a message dated 10/31/02 10:24:41 PM Pacific Standard Time,
gkcunn01@BELLSOUTH.NET writes:

> Standards-based education reform (SBER) as implemented in 49 states and the
> NCLB legislation is a reflection of and advocacy for the implementation of
> a traditional approach.

Nope, nope, nope. And I know I'm going to hate myself in the morning for
entering into this discussion. I've been doing so well. SBER is being
implemented in the 49 states in whatever fashion the political climate of the
state will bear. Here in the liberally progressive minded wild, wild west it
has been pushing all the right (or is that left) progressive buttons. No,
SBER is not traditional or progressive. It is some new kind of color-- and
an ugly one at that. I can live with traditional or I can live with
progressive, as long as it's appropriate to the needs of the families it is
serving. In my own personal view a good mix of traditionally progressive
usually does the trick for most kids. SBER is not serving anyone but the CEO
six and their governor and president cronies. The easier to sort them with,
my dear. This is why Arthur Hu can say with good conscience that SBER in
Washington State is a progressivist tool. It's a shape shifter that
assimilates. (how's that for mixing my Star Trek generations, outposts and
episodes?) However, the progressives here are turning on it, recognizing it
for the Trojan Horse it is. There's scripted lessons in them thar hooves--
and they kick! Run for your lives!


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