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Re: from today's Boston Globe on MCAS

Ken forwarded:

>''It was my view that bringing in a bunch of volunteers and telling
them which kids had failed MCAS and then unleashing
them to call up those kids or visit their homes raised a lot of
questions about whether the law had been violated,'' said

So here is the link to military recruiters and the volunteer military.
Fial the kids, then get them to join up. Great plan.

Also, about the "1958 National Defense Education Act," I am very
interested in what that author posted, so will contact her. The point
that we really need to know our history, how this all links together, is
critical. Yes, high stakes testing ties very closely, in a structural
functionalist analysis both to creating an underclass, and also creating
a volunteer military made up of that underclass. Get "them" to fight for
our $60,000 SUVs gas use.

Stupid White Men indeed. Racism and classism have become very
sophisticated, not gone away, just become very subtle. What people seem
not to like is pulling the sheets back and exposing the lies.

Another point about National Defense Student Loans: Rememeber when the
name got changed to National Direct Student Loans? It was just like
changing "Department of War" to "Department of Defense." Keep
obfuscating the realities with neutral language.

Peace and thanks


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