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Re: from today's Boston Globe on MCAS

In a message dated 11/7/2002 11:08:55 AM Pacific Standard Time,
aburke@VANSD.ORG writes:

> What's wrong with asking for volunteers to give parents a "heads-up" that
> their kids are in danger of not graduating and telling them where help is
> available? Seems like a personal touch.

I guess I wonder how it got to this point. What else is the state or school
district doing to rectify a situation wherein 50% of the kids are going to be
denied diplomas. I see the effort of volunteers phoning parents at this
point as a (perhaps well-meaning) Band-Aid where some sort of radiation or
chemotherapy is needed.

The question of whether the volunteers should have access to the information
is a separate issue to me. But it still doesn't compare with a volunteer
calling home for a sick child.

I like to pretend I'm just-a-parent ;-) Not sure the phone call from a
volunteer would go over very well in this situation. And I'm not sure I
would want to volunteer for phone duty either. Though the personal touch is
very nice.


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