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Welcome Alan

Welcome to the ARN listserv Alan! I love your ideas for a more national presence. I hope you will also bring the ARN network lots of stories about the ongoing Mass. struggle. We all have to remember - 12,000 students might lose diplomas THIS SPRING. The CARE network is completely mobilized and is fighting hard - trying to raise money in the form of memberships so they can get mailings out to all concerned citizens. They just suffered what seems to be a huge setback with the election of the Republican gubernatorial candidate Mitt Romney - who is hardcore MCAS. I just sent off for my individual membership and asked that I be sent the latest CARE newsletter - that should have the inspiring story of a lovely honor roll student that has failed by a few measly points three times. If we can help CARE win their victory this spring - we can all point to Mass. when we go to our legislators. A Mass. victory will be a shot over the bow of every administration that is going down the same high stakes testing road. I think an individual membership to CARE is $10, and a family membership is $25 - but for heavens sakes - they can use any support they can get! Correct me if I have anything wrong Alan. And welcome to the ARN!

342 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139

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