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High Stakes testing for Third Graders

Erwin wrote..

What is it about the Federal Government
that leads you to believe they would be
receptive to your proposal?

The feds are going to have to do something to avoid a major NCLB backlash. Let's say you are a competitive principal and your entire career rests on how a bunch of grade school kids do on a standardized test. Parents aren't paying attention because it means nothing to them. Principals will start arguing what this doofy person in TX argued - grade schoolers aren't trying hard enough because there are no consequences for the students. What is the natural progression? All states are going to go to this grade promotion crap based on standardized tests so that principals feel like they have a better chance - and that kids will have to pay the consequences too, and therefore so will the parents of those kids who may or may not spend enough time on homework. Am I thinking too much?

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