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in Ed Week this week

In the Nov 13 Ed Week, which is posted to the web some time Wedsnesdays:

Dept. of Education to Hike Oversight of Reading Grants -- to ensure science of course

Struggling Edison 'Reversioning' Its School Expertise - in which Edison is now marketing 'benchmark assessments' in math and reading to be supposedly based on state standards and given on line to students each month. And marketing "achievement management systems" - worth a read on kinds of corporate vulturing (if I may turn a noun to a verb) following in the wake of ESEA and high stakes testing.

State Journal: Back to School - Michigan is 'offering' a one-hour version of the 8-hour MEAP for public 'take the test' week in a few districts. That version is also on the web at www.kentisd.org/takethetest.htm - all multiple choice and true false, and who knows how carefully the state selected items.

and a Letter on New Zealand's 'experiment' with vouchers pointing to book When Schools Compete by Edward Fiske and Helen Ladd showing very much greater race and class segregation following NZ allowing full parental choice -- and allowed schools to select students.
New Research Agency's Independence in Question -- Bush admin wants to control the now supposedly independent dept of ed research center. Will produce even more science, I am sure.
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