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Re: if you could tell a local school board member something

They can support their teachers and administrators by passing local
education rulings which establish strict guide lines of behavior and
seriousness of purpose for being in an educational institution.
Parents should be held accountable for sending their children to school:
well fed, well rested, well disciplined knowing parents are the teacher's
partners not enemies, appropriately attired and with expectations to pay
attention, work-as-hard-as-one-can and do-as-best-as-one-can; while
respecting the adults and other students.
If this is not the case with a student, the parents should have to meet with
the school board and explain their deficiency and a plan to correct the
In other words, hold the parents accountable for holding their children
accountable; just as the district should hold the educators accountable.
Then, we will not need hi-stakes testing, superficial SOLs and imposed
Joe Bo

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