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Re: if you could tell a local school board member something

Quan wrote:

>I think it was Virginia Satyr who once said that all feelings are
justified for those who feel that way,
regardless how, where and when those feelings are grounded.

Is one of the most irritating things she ever wrote. I have always
wondered why people hang their hats on this peg. Now, I am about as
radical left as you can get, but I see this as touchy feely poppycock.
Feelings can be out of line with reality, and if they are, it is time to
have it pointed out and do a reality check. If one goes with this, then
one just has to accept all sorts of idiotic stuff, even bad stuff,
because after all, that's how the person feels. :-)

>It is pretty standard to state that our forebears had no help.

It is also a deeply embedded lie of our culture. When one actually looks
at the history, people had all sorts of help. They also had all sorts of
then right wing anti-humanitarians standing in their way, just as the
people who today spout these things would stand in the way of the
current newcomers.

>Why then has that myth
survived and come back through?

Because it is an effective way to tell people "screw you, you are on
your own. if my grandpa could do it, so can you, so tough luck!" And it
oh so conveniently ignores that most of the opportunity was based on our
geographic expansion into turf not ours. Hey, it is pretty easy for
newcomers to make it when they get to participate the destruction of
entire cultures and the theft of their lands. Yeah, hey, you new guys,
here, take it, its yours. (just don't forget to bury the native folks
who were here first.

>what interests me is
why our behaviors are racist and classist while we don't think of
ourselves as being prejudiced and

Now there we have a question that I am glad to discuss, because it is
very clear that is the basis of current policy and right wing thinking
in general. By telling people they can do it if grandpa did, we are
letting ourselves off the hook to form a decent society that truly does
not do to others as they would not do to you.



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