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Re: test prep

In a message dated 11/18/02 5:01:47 AM, kber@EARTHLINK.NET writes:

<< Isn't this a bit of a form of an ad hominem attack? >>

I'm aware of what you say. I think it also necessary to remind ourselves that
a "liberal" historical reputation for a newspaper doesn't say much about the
politics of reality nowadays. When a reporter chooses to publish his stuff in
a place like the "education" magazine of the Hoover Institution, it says a
great deal about his politics. Mr. Mathews touts for the testocracy. Let's
just document the spin he puts on things, rather than allowing him to get off
the hook so easily.

As Jerry Bracey's been reporting for more than a decade, this attack on
public education has deep roots. My point was (and is) that some guys get
away with more than others because of their affect.

While Richard Rothstein has been fired up the coast at The New York Times,
Mathews's star rises at The Washington Post.

George Schmidt

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