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Re: Fw: Is all-English best?


I was not trying to say that there is universal opposition among
bilingual teachers. The Ms. Valdesr cites the one teacher Maria as
being representative. I don't know whether she was or not, but Maria is
leery of giving to the majority culture something that is valuable to
the minority culture, the ability to speak Spanish. At the conclusion
of the article the author brings this issue up again. She is certainly
in favor of bilingual education. Although she cites certain advantages
of dual emersion, she is not willing to say that its advantages outweigh
its disadvantages. I don't think she believes that having Hispanic
students learn English is important and she not only doesn't care if
Anglo students learn Spanish, she would prefer that they did not.

I can't say how representative this author is of thought among
bilingual teachers, but she certainly presents some negative outcomes
from dual language immersion, at least from her perspective. And that is
all I was trying to say.

>>> kvscanty@PACBELL.NET 11/20/02 06:14PM >>>

George, Thanks for sending along the HER piece (or at least part of it)
but are we now to rely on the word of ONE bi-lingual teacher to assume
that ALL bi-lingual teachers are against dual immersion classes?
Because if that’s the case, I’m sure some of us on the list (actually I
think Peter F has already qualified) can find ONE bi-lingual teacher to
refute her. I think Pikku’s summation was the best – and there still
seems to be no “scientific research” to back your claims, either one.

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