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Re: Fw: Is all-English best?

George C asked:

>Has ARN-L grabbed the center and is now rejecting
the extremes? Has it now become anti-qualitative, neo-conservative?

You know, after watching so much stuff go by, I would say that yes, with
a few outstanding exceptional folks, the mid-point of this group is
somewhere not too far from anti-qualitative, neo-conservative or its
twin sibling neo-liberal. And I want to be sure that my criticisms do
not reflect on the truly marvelous work that some folks are doing,
amazing stuff, good stuff, my hat's off to the radicals who are rising
up and opposing the destruction of children's lives. Good work folks,
and you all know who you are.

But back to the discussion of the "center" the mid-point. I propose that
simply arguing against some position from a stance of opposition is to
give validation the first position (thesis vs antithesis). The only
valid way to oppose the original thesis is to rise up above both views,
create a synthesis that invalidates both views. So, when good people
allow themselves to be drug down into a simplistic, antithetical
anti-testing position, they are simply engaged with the enemy in a
losing and wasteful effort that only validates the original thesis.

How do you really oppose high stakes testing other than by saying it is
bad, even giving examples of how it is bad? For every bad example, for
ecery study showing it is bad, the opposition will counter with their
own supportive study ("Scientific Research," indeed, propoganda is
closer to the truth). At least one strategy is to get out of the frame
entirely, one way to do that is to point out that HSTing does nothing
for accountability, it is a lie of accountability. Accountability should
start at the start, with equal funding, equal resources, equal access,
schools that work, facilities that are not crap-holes, good books, real
curriculum, support of teachers who want to teach, not drill rote BS
into heads, demanding that kids in, to use my two local "poster children
schools" as example, Cesar Chavez Elementary School be given the same
quality education as kids in Oak Hills Elementary School.

Until ARN as a group on the average, gets itself up out of the mud in
which the Arts are able to post their stupid thesis-antithesis comments,
gets itself into a new synthesis and out of the tit for tat stuff, this
is all just a waste of time. More of the truly radical lefitist critical
pedagogy is needed that takes us back to the true basics of
accountability, rather than blaming the victims of racism and classism.



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