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national academy

The Board on Testing and Assessment of the National Research Center of the National Academy of Sciences produces regular reports on testing. Sometimes they do work Congress asks them to do, making their work in effect a recommendation to Congress.

I do not think it is correct that BOTA or NRC worked to develop NCLB. If anything, the work on testing that has come out from BOTA has pointed to the limitations and misuses of standardized tests, which suggests Congress and states misuse tests, at least in terms of the report High Stakes.

The NRC research on how people learn and the companion piece on what assessment should therefore be make interested reading - if you have a lot of time (so I have only read parts of them). My overall take is that if they were heeded, we would not be using high-stakes standardized tests. Reasons are that the tests can only measure a little of what kids should learn and teaching to such tests reinforces methods of instruction that do not correspond to what we know about how people learn.

But who listens to science unless it is has been blessed as "correct" by the ideological right wing?

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