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Re: Interpreting data, Pub Agenda and Substance

In a message dated 11/20/03 8:11:20 AM Eastern Standard Time, UMJoe@aol.com
When I was campaign manager (twice) for the liberal Democratic mayor in St.
Paul, we interpreted 54% as strong support.

Both instances show why it is value to have the actual data, so people can
draw their own conculsions. Thanks to Bob and George for sharing the data, so
that people can decide for themselves.
How true indeed, Joe! Minimizing the ennemy, overestimating our strength,
and labeling everyone and everything in the process: it keeps the troops going,
but do the leaders forego seeing? When will liars stop believing their own
lies? When does the learning curve make a difference?

As people, we are all longing to going back to a simpler pace, and simpler
truths, and less divisiveness. And yet, as a people, have we given up our
sanity for the illusion of comfort and truth that technology presumes? Have we
given up the search for leadership? And in the process disconnected ourselves
totally from any semblance of reality?

As Bush and Blair read their own scripts against terror, as images flash of
Istambul new blood, one has to ask oneself: is the truth with the bombs of Al
Qaeda and Baathist mines and rockets and suicide fanatics, or is the same
truth with the 87 billions and more spent on CIA buy-outs, bombs, and new ways of
terrorizing and inflicting collateral damages which are not so collateral when
you see civilians coying away in shock? And how does anyone claim a
one-dimensional Crawford-style truth any more, and continue to accuse others of lies,
and have a trained and subservient media blasting out the same refrain?

May be the line in the sand now is indeed Colleges of Education where hearts
and minds are being trained to no longer feel, no longer search for the truth,
but to simply rehash One single state-approved party line curriculum in a
monotonous vacuum? May be college professors can become real heroes for a
change! Do you still hold out hope for yourself, Joe?

I shall be your only God, and thou shall not worship any other Gods! And yet
there is Television God, Pilot Fighter God, Superpower God! Will the Real
God blast back and strike out the blasphemous copycat imitants? How dare we,
how truly insignificant do we deem the true, the one, the only that we simply
disregard the possibility of a reverse reality? And we claim the mantel to the
role of a teacher?