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Re: standards that are excessive


I don't have answers leaping to mind as I ready for the school year, but
I'm not waiting until I "know" before continuing the conversation. Can't
afford that.... I do know that things are heating up around the country,
and that it is finally up to us to stand up together. Our school district
has decreed that our fourth grade students will take two standardized
tests in successive months this school year so they can develop base line
statistics. Totally unnecessary statistically speaking, but easier for
the admins. Even the principals oppose it, but are not listened to. So
where's the union you might ask? AWOL, as usual. Bjoth union leadership,
which is tied in its own half hitch, and the real union, the teachers, who
are busy trying to do the way too mcuh we are assigned to do. We have
tostand up, together. If I say no to giving both tests (which I will do),
I will be fired, or worked around; no change. I think converstaions with
parents have to be a major part of this. Schools worked hard to sell
parents on the merits of the tests, to justify their existence (the
schools). We have a new teaching task before us...

Doug Selwyn

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Michael Peterson wrote:

> Doug, a very good question. I believe that this is a time that those of us
> who believe in child, family, and community-centered practices need to be
> figuring better ways to work wiht one another. This list is a good start.
> We need pro-active, positive, thought-through alternatives to counter the
> craziness that is being foisted on us. Our work via the simply articulated
> whole schooling principles is one way combined with political work through
> the rouge forum. Fair test and other organizations are protesting and
> providing alternatives. But we need to bring the various strands of folks
> together. And now begins to feel more and more like an auspicious time.
> How?
> Michael
> >My question is, why do we allow this to happen. We are the ones who give
> >the tests. Arethey going to fire us all if we all refuse? We know it is
> >bad education. Seattle has just decided togive the ITBS AND the
> >Washington State Assessment on Student Learning. There goes March, there
> >goes April. Just because they are fools doesn't mean we have to go along.
> >Let's say no. Doesn't have to be more dramatic than that.
> >
> >Doug Selwyn
> >Seattle Schools
> >
> >On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Joan Kaiser wrote:
> >
> >> As I continue to read all of these ridiculous adult standards shaped for our
> >> children that are senseless, I wonder:
> >> Who is in charge of curriculum development?
> >> Why would ANY child want to go to school ?
> >>
> >> Personally, at the rate we're going, the old one room school seems like a
> >> perfect place to re-invent education.
> >> Joan
> >>
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