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Re: survey

My daughter's high school has a curriculum that covers word processing,
spreadsheets, database & integration. They have projects to complete. If
you want more let me know and I can probably send you the stuff. What does
it matter how fast someone types? The trick to typing [speaking as the
First Place Typing II winner for the Acalanes HIgh School district - some
30years ago! :)] is whether they can do it without looking and somewhat
smoothly. With the invention of computers (as opposed to the non-electric
typewriters we learned on) the speed doesn't seem that important. in fact,
people (fast typists) now go too fast. The alignment of the keys was
designed to slow down the (fastest) typists so that the keys didn't jam on
the old typewriters. But if they can think while typing, or copy from
another sheet wtihout having to keep looking, seems to me any extra speed
is simply a bonus that they have every incentive to develop wtihout external

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