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Re: boycott -- RESIST

Here is another one. Be A Hero, Take A Zero! Say No To The_____!
Mary O'Brien

>From: Joan Jaeckel <jjaeckel@WHOLE.ORG>
>Subject: Re: boycott -- RESIST
>Date: Tue, Sep 28, 1999, 1:22 PM

> Bumper sticker?
> Testing is not Education
> Joan Jaeckel
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> From: abril mackenzie <abrilmackenzie@HOTMAIL.COM>
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> Date: Tuesday, September 28, 1999 7:49 AM
> Subject: Re: boycott -- RESIST
>>Monty writes:
>>Monty Neill wrote: >I think we need to revisit the idea of bumper stickers,
>>The bumper sticker idea is still alive - and moving from the back burner to
>>the front burner. I'm supposed to pick one or a few for actual printing as
>>soon as I get to it and then the Board will finance it, at least for the
>>initial printing. Don't know how much they may sell for (presumably not a
>>lot). I still have all the records. The bumper sticker contest was fun,
>>and thought-provoking. I don't think we chose the "most effective" bumper
>>stickers when we did the voting - which wasn't the announced intention. So
>>I am now going to review them for the "most effective". If anyone is in
>>marketing and wants to help, let me know.
>>>From: Monty Neill <Mneillft@AOL.COM>
>>>Reply-To: Assessment Reform Network Mailing List <ARN-L@LISTS.CUA.EDU>
>>>Subject: Re: boycott -- RESIST
>>>Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 10:19:00 EDT
>>>In a message dated 9/27/99 7:36:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>>>Csubstance@AOL.COM writes:
>>> >
>>> > I think it's time for someone to initiate a "Call to resist
>>> > authority" (some people here will hear a historical echo) pledging
>>> > and students to boycott the tests and parents and professors (and
>>> > else) to support them. Those who sign the pledge will state clearly
>>> > they
>>> > intend to do, and then they will do it.
>>> >
>>>CARE here in Mass is working on language on what we are alternately
> terming
>>>"pledge of resistance" and a "boycott" (different traditions being drawn
>>>Signers would agree to boycott and/or support those who do boycott. When
>>>ready, we will post the language. We also will circulate a more general
>>>petition calling on the end of high stakes testing for students and
>>>These are likely to begin locally, but have some statewide coordination --
>>>our address is the mailing address for the statewide, but our resources
> are
>>>stretched thin.
>>>[One school committee here in MA, we are told, has directed the
>>>superintendent to investigate the legalities of the city refusing to
>>>participate in the state test. Meanwhile, the board of ed presses on with
>>>defining the tests to be passed to get a diploma. Looks like they will
>>>relatively low, then ratchet it up. The real question is the politically
>>>acceptable level of "casualties" and of course their class and race and
>>>immigrant status; not sure how they are going to address special needs.]
>>>Coordinating nationally will be a huge undertaking. At a minimum, a
>>>person/group/well organized coalition will have to do the job in each
>>>and then coordinate. We then get into issues like what is a large enough
>>>number of signatures to mean something on a national level (we have not
>>>decided here on a state level). If this develops -- and for a start lets
>>>what people on this list think -- we can then play by ear where we are at
>>>spring. But since spring is in most states the testing season, that is a
>>>time to focus.
>>>Pushing this will have the advantage of giving a focused point to talk
>>>why we are doing what we are doing. It could bring lots of us together on
>>>same page.
>>>I think teachers may pledge to support, I think few will refuse to
>>>it because, contrary to George, I think they will face serious
>>>But even pledging to support and then taking it actively to their local
> and
>>>state unions and then on to the nationals would lift the conversation. In
>>>1975, the NEA called for a moratorium on all standardized testing -- this
>>>approved at their annual gathering.
>>>I think parents will be critical. On one level they are more credible
>>>("teachers just don't want accountability"). However, they are more
>>>and less able to be reached. But we can begin to think of trying to reach
>>>PTA. I also think students will be essential, and they are of course very
>>>dispersed; many also face real consequences (not being promoted,
>>>but others do not. Again, the idea of the pledge is to include both doing
> a
>>>boycott and supporting those who do.
>>>Resistance can also take other forms. Students can randomly bubble in, or
>>>leave it blank -- and then, preferably, say publicly what they have done,
>>>an organized fashion. Parents can deliver letters saying they are allowing
>>>their children to take the test under protest. People can symbolically
> dump
>>>tests into the local harbor/river (fish them out, must ecologically
> sound).
>>>Instead of the pep rallies to beat the test, we can have rallies to beat
> up
>>>the test. I am sure many other ideas can/will arise.
>>>I think we need to revisit the idea of bumper stickers, etc.
>>>In sum, I think we can proceed in several ways: do what you can locally;
>>>up at the state (or within-state regional) level; then see what can evolve
>>>nationally. Think and act locally and globally, yes?
>>>That's it for now.
>>>Monty Neill
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