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Re: boycott -- RESIST

Deanna writes:

>The problem with this type of bumper sticker slogan is that it perpetuates
>the idea that ALL tests are bad (is this true?) and might be construed as
>merely students not liking tests which does nothing to promote the real
>message you seek to disseminate. Think win-win. How are you going to get
>test publishers on your side if you put them on the defensive with bumper
>sticker slogans that condemn all tests?

The goal is to put education on the side of students. I can't think of
anything further from my mind than getting test publishers on my side!

Are all tests bad? Of course not.

Tests or other forms of assessment devised by **real teachers for classroom
use with real students** to further and deepen learning are one kind of
test. These are tools used at the discretion of teachers. This is not so
much 'accountability' as 'responsibility". These test results don't get
published on the internet for all to see! It's no one's business but the
school, the teacher, the parent and the student. Classroom-use tests are
quiet affairs that are part of the natural digestion process of learning.
Kids win.

Decidedly NOT 'educational' are standardized tests designed to make
politicians look 'accountable' to constituents while irresponsibly selling
children's futures to test publishing companies. This is where the shaming
and the blaming gets introduced. Standardized tests have nothing to do with
digestion; they are a public regurgitation of disconnected trivia that
probably shouldn't have been ingested to start with. Kids lose.

Thinking win-win means win-win for children. Period. Test publishing
companies serve the same function in education as preservatives serve in
nutrition. Still looks like food ... but is it? "Merely" not liking
standardized tests? That's like saying kids should overcome merely not
liking moldy bread. Kids have an instinct for real education and when it is
offered to them -- even if the work is HARD -- they gobble it up. Real
education is not a punishment. Real education is healthy, fresh, and makes
children glow.

Here's three more:

(1) Testing? Positively negative!

(2) Education and politics don't mix. Refuse 2 B Tested.

(3) Support children. Support freedom & democracy. Talk to me about
refusing the Stanford 9.


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