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Dis-honest employment

Gerald Bracey wrote:

> On another list serve, word came that an ETS poll had found people heavily
> in favor of mandatory testing. Reference is made to my response to the list
> serve by an ETS flack. My response follows.

>. . . I suggest a more compelling
> action: resign. Seek employment with a more respectable corporation . . .

I can't imagine that ETS Senior Vice President and Chief Operating
Officer Sharon Robinson would even consider resigning. According to ETS'
tax return for their fiscal year ending June 30, 2000, she was paid a
few hundred dollars less than $350K, plus deferred compensation of
$23.5K more -- a heck of a lot more than she earned at NEA. Nancy Cole
did even better, being paid a hair under half a million bucks for the
year with $25K put aside for her retirement comfort. More than a dozen
ETS Vice Presidents all made more than $200K/year -- collectively the
company's officers were paid more than ten times FairTest's entire
annual budget.

Does anyone care to guess how much a real corporate-type like Landgraf
is getting (he was previously a senior drug marketing executive for
major transnational corporations)? We won't know for a year or so when
their tax return is made public. In the meantime, maybe we should do a
web poll.

Look for an article in FairTest's Fall 2001 Examiner for all the gory
details on the pleasures of non-profitability at ETS, the College Board,
and ACT. I have all their current 990 tax returns in hand.

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