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Anne Lewis column in PDK

Titled "Heads in the Sand," in Sept. PDK, Lewis attacks NEA resolution
supporting parent boycott of tests.

Here's her opening:
"There are some teachers returning to their classrooms this fall who need to
shake the sand out of their heads as well as to clear the cobwebs out of
their closets. They are the ones who approved the resolution at this past
summer's convention of the NEA that supports parents who boycott standardized
tests and at the same time orders the NEA's legislative staff to oppose the
testing provisions that both the House and the Senate passed when they voted
to renew K-12 education programs."

It's all downhill from here. Lewis asserts that "large-scale assessments are
here to stay..."

"Instead of letting uninformed parents lead the cause, teachers ought to
become the experts themselves."

I admit: I laughed out loud. Wait til BGOA gets hold of this! Uninformed
parents, indeed. The Standardistos could only wish parents were uninformed.

Don't tar PDK with Lewis's opinions. This journal is to be prized for taking
risks and daring to publish strong pieces.

I urge you to subscribe to PDK, to get hold of a copy of the September issue
and write a response.

All you "uninformed parents" should be able to come up with a word or two.

Subscriptions: 800-766-1156

This is a packed, valuable issue. Besides Jerry Bracey's insights, the reader
gets important dissection of the NRP Report on phonics, "Quantum Theory, the
Uncertainty Principle, and the Alchemy of Standardized Testing" by Selma
Wasserman, the annual Poll, a special section on School Reform.

AND opposite p. 6 a great ad for my new book, "Books Day By Day."

Susan O.

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