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Re: Pinellas school bd. attorney says parents can examine FCAT

In a message dated 9/6/01 4:56:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time, aburke@VANSD.ORG

<< You seem to long for an educational Nirvana that includes teachers (those
who are not educrats, anyhow), kids and parents, and no one else. That's
taking a lot of the "public" out of public schools.

Not Nirvana-- Utopia ;-) No, I wouldn't take everyone else out of the
picture. I just think we start at the wrong place with all the top down
mandates and the lip service only to parental/community involvement. It's
hard work for everybody to do things right-- not just those who are getting
paid for it.

>>What exactly does "local control" of the public schools mean to you?

Local control means that there is some incentive and say in the operations of
the school, at the local level. Also, that there is an exchange of service
and performance between the school and its community. State level operations
should be checks and balances, not 300 paper pushers, running educational
service districts, running school districts with their own layered
administration. Flawed and unreliable funding structures abound! The basics
of teachers and facilities have been completely disregarded in the whole
reform equation.

Everyone has a stake in the education of a child. Certainly we don't utilize
the resources of our communities nearly enough. The whole balance of society
is out of whack. Communication between schools and communities is in sorry
shape, when test scores in the paper are the best indicator of student

You might want to browse my website. Not a whole lot there yet, but my son
did a pretty good job putting it together for me.


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