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40 billion

Am I getting this story correct? Did the US Congress just authorize an
additional $40 billion for Dubyah & co. to spend on "fighting terrorism" as
a result of the World Trade Center attack? Or is the 40 billion for a
general increase in military spending?

If this is true, it's funny how they can't find money to fix the
dilapidated public schools in urban areas, but for War there's always a
little extra around.

Reminds me of the 1991 Northridge earthquake here in
California. Conservative business governor Pete Wilson could never find
money to build new schools, but when the earthquake collapsed sections of
the Santa Monica freeway, a major upper middle class commute road, boy did
they find the money fast! I think they spent $4 billion, and if I remember
correctly, they had that thing up and running within a few
months. Priorities, eh?

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