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Re: Fw: report cards

It's interesting you should bring up consultants. We use them less & less
in our district. I was talking to a colleague in the Twin Cities. He said
they were desparate for a consultant on diversity, how to teach urban kids
(as opposed to suburban or small town, I suppose). Anyway, the consultant
got recommended by "a friend of a friend of a friend." I guess the
consultant has been coming back for years. Much of what she says sounds
either a bit bogus or else very obvious. In any case, the district has a
"diversity consultant" that administration can point to when they need to
defend themselve.

From: Juanita Doyon <Jedoyon@AOL.COM>
Reply-To: Assessment Reform Network Mailing List <ARN-L@LISTS.CUA.EDU>
Subject: Re: Fw: report cards
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 12:36:11 EDT

Mike wrote:

> So, we spend tons of money to find out something we already know.

How else could we support all those testing/curriculum companies and
consultants for staff "development"? Not to mention justifying field trips
to AZ to "demystify the process."

The world is full of bloomin' idiots! I vote we all go shopping to shore
the economy. Maybe buy a few test prep booklets, while we're at it.

back into my quiet corner.....

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