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Re: It turns out that CNN manipulated the news again!

At 1:09 AM -0400 9/18/01, Doug Selwyn wrote:
...But it did not come as far out of nowhere as it
appears from the coverage we have received.

And I thought blaming the victim was a conservative thing to do!

You are right that some of the images were slapped together
hastily--whether news organizations intentionally failed to provide
context or simply did not have enough time and information to present
the full story is open to interpretation. I am more concerned about
the lies coming out of State Department and the White House than
anything that appears in the news--having grown up in Eastern Europe
I am used to not trusting the press or, more specifically, its
government sources. In this case, the information was being put on
the screen as it came in, no matter what this information contained
(the WTC footage, however, was sanitized for American
television--European news were a lot more graphic, showing a large
number of jumpers to CNN's one; apparently a little girl ran to a
teacher in one of the schools near WTC, saying, "Teacher, teacher!
The birds are on fire!").

Yet, I find the statement quoted above greatly disturbing (and only
Dave Stratman thinks I am a member of the Vast Right Wing
Conspiracy). Perhaps you mean to say that we've had warning that
something like this might happen? If this is the case, I can see some
truth to it--there clearly was a lapse in intelligence (both military
and otherwise) in collecting and interpreting data on potential
terrorist attacks. However, anyone who claims that US foreign policy
alone was the cause of this disaster is either a flaming pinko or a
deep revisionist--don't forget that this was an action on the scale
of some of the worst military battles (or other
atrocities--fire-bombing Dresden, anyone?). As a terrorist act or any
act of defiance it stands alone, by far, in its human and physical
costs. Since it further wreaked havoc on the global financial
structure, the suspicions of someone doing this FOR PROFIT also seem
to be justified. But preaching that the US brought it on itself is
absolutely ridiculous. Neither most of the employees in the Pentagon
nor the passangers and crew of the four flights nor the people in WTC
did anything to deserve being in the line of fire. No US individual
military action ever resulted in such casualty rate (single attacks,
not Vietnam War here). You can criticize the US military actions and
foreign policy without making such absurd comments.

Is this what you teach your students?


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