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Re: No, not CNN!!!

In a message dated 9/18/01 5:56:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
kscanty@PACBELL.NET writes:

<< I have a question - how do your students make a distinction between the
American people and the American government? and why do they make that
distinction? It seems to me that from what I remember from years ago in my
then Civics class, we were taught that the American people WERE the American
government...and are you saying that the people who serve in government are
not part of the American people?

I'm sorry, maybe I'm being nitpicky, but I really am curious.... >>


The American government trained Bin Laden, Ho Chi Minh, and countless others
in intelligence, in warfare. Our government also supported and supports
dictatorships who oppress their people. While American students may have
learnt that our people are our government, the experience of people in other
countries of American foreign policy tell them there is a world of difference
between the American people and its government, especially now.

The majority of our people support school reform, but do not support
thoughtless testing. We do want some form of universal health care, and most
of us support private entrepreneurship, but we don't necessarily want
privatization of public services. Our people is generous and caring to a
fault, while our government comes across in most instances as arrogant and

I think this distinction between people and government is almost universal.
I also believe the people of Afghanistan is not the Taliban, by the way. So
attacking Saddam Hussein is very different from killing Iraqis.

Thanks for asking.


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