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Re: For Teresa: NBPTS-- a FIGHTING teacher's perspective

Thank you, Steve... I can't express at the moment how much your message means to me-- you're right: this is definitely a low point for me... between finances, my kids, other people's kids, my principal and the Damn Test. Your words helped me take a fresh look at things-- I appreciate that. :)

You & the WOO have been an inspiration to many on this list-- including me. I've thought of you all often-- particularly when confronted by things like not having enough books (a bake sale solved that problem-- bake sales can solve just about any problem ;)-- at least in the short term) and not having enough time... You & your students have been lurking there in the back of my mind as role models & I thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.

I'm taking a deep breath now.

BTW, I made two really nice looking bulletin boards today and my desks are doodle-free now.

Teresa G.