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Re: Tales from the Crypt/Court

Well, they have it both ways here in Arizona. And I understand they can
continue to have it so until someone decides to call them on it. That means
a court case. Would someone outline what that would mean -- how that might
happen? Yes, Government/Civil Disobedience 101. How does one prepare?
How much might it cost? And what are options for funding? Also, might it
be a worthwhile thing to do? Or is it likely that a lot of money would be
spent only to have the rules changed so that they clearly state they can
have it both ways.

Becky Schaller

Remember, if tests are part of the approved curriculm, then we can see them;
if they are not part of the approved curriculm, then they are
extra-curricular, and can't require our children participate.

They can't have it both ways!!!