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I wonder if Checker could pass an English test?

The reason I raise that question about Mr. Finn is something I came
across while browsing the Thomas Fordham web site. They provide a whole
lot of olinks, naturally oriented towards their particular view of what
education should be. Almost no neutral links, excpet perhaps ASCD.

Given how many of that ilk are fond of Saxon Math, imagine my surprise
to read the following:

"Saxon Publications This site contains materials on the famous Saxon
math curriculum, which has gained nationwide notoriety."

Is it possible tjhat Mr. Finn et al do not realize that the word
"notoriety" is a pejorative term? Hmmm, I wonder what other words
they don't understand? Could THAT be thier problem?

Sorry folks, I needed a sense of humor at the end of the week. I
couldn't resist.

Ken Bernstein

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