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Re: NCLB and charters

Charters in Florida fared better with NCLB than regular public schools did.
As far as I know, Florida is leading the nation with the highest overall
percentage of schools failing to meet AYP requirements -- more than 87%.

The state lists 222 charter schools for the 2002-03 school term, but only
179 of those were rated for AYP. My quick survey showed 58 of those making
AYP, or 32.4%, as compared to less than 13% of regular public schools.


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Is anyone out there going to check for their state on whether or not
charters are disproportionately represented among the "failing schools"
generated through NCLB?

There have been a number of newspaper articles to the effect that charters
score low, but, of course, that proves nothing since we don't know how the
kids scored before they went to the charters. They might be doing better
than expected. AYP, though, should give a measure of change.