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Re: instant anxiety for 3, 4, 5-year-olds

>>>>. If a parent comes to my room and says his/her child "likes" to sit in
rows and do pencil and paper fill in the blanks all day, I ask why.

My 5 year old kindergartener likes to do worksheets. She's been doing
"workbooks" for at least a year. She asks for them. Repeatedly. Bugs me.
*Wants* to do them. *Likes* pages about things like "silent e". Is bummed
that she has not yet done any writing in Kindergarten. Was "writing"
(nonsense letters) from a very young age.

OTOH, my 13-year-old has only gotten comfortable with written work in the
last two years or so. *Never* did nonsense letters. Yet he learned to read
"early" - had a vocab of 40 sight words on his second birthday. Learned
Venn diagrams at two.

I think kids vary a whole lot more than the schools are really set up for.