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Fw: Find out what's happening in your school, Monty

Survey Your SchoolI don't know much about this group - they seem from some previous posts I got to have at least some skepticism toward NCLB. I have not gone to look at the survey you an click on to see, either.


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From: Eve Fox
To: Monty Neill
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2003 10:46 AM
Subject: Find out what's happening in your school, Monty

Hi Monty,

Amidst all this talk of budget cuts, teacher lay-offs, unsafe schools, and crowded classrooms, aren't you getting mighty curious to know what's happening in YOUR community's school?

I know we are! That's why we've created an easy way for you to Survey Your School.

It's Week Two of our Back to School campaign and we're asking you to be our eyes and ears and use our short survey to find out what the state of public education is in your community.

The survey will help you find out whether your school has enough teachers, books, and materials to go around, if the classes are too big, and what kind of an impact the No Child Left Behind Act is making on your school, among other things.

Before you begin, please click here to read this list of helpful tips we've put together on how to conduct the survey.

Once you're ready, click here to download the survey and get started.

It may take you a while to schedule a meeting with your school principal or administrator to get his or her responses to the survey - the school year has just started and they're bound to be busy. You can be patient - we would just like to get the surveys back by no later than October 17th to begin analyzing all the data.

Once you've conducted the survey, please click here to enter your responses. Don't worry if you lose this link, we'll send it to you again in a reminder email.

Please send an email with the word "survey" in the subject line to givekidsgoodschools@mrss.com to let me know if you're interested in doing this little investigation. That way, we'll know to follow up with you.

Thanks again,


Eve Fox
Online Campaign Coordinator


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