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Senator Michele Bachman on NCLB as Son Of Goals 2000

[Arthur Hu] My school board has just discovered they hate NCLB, but these
are the same
folks who have been shoving WASL / 1209 based education reform down our
throats since
the 1990s.

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Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 2:45 PM
Subject: [wa-ed-deform] Excellent article by Senator Michele Bachman


I'm making copies of this one and passing it out wherever I can...


"Some of these days they are going to remove so much of the 'hooey' and
the thousands of things the schools have become clogged up with, and we will
find that we can educate our broods for about one-tenth of the price and
learn 'em something that they might accidentally use after they escape."

-- Will Rogers
(1879 - 1935) American humorist

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