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so much hypocrisy, so little time


Every so often (e.g. in Mass. recently with superintendent Wilfredo
Laboy, who failed a competency test three times and was defended by all
the high-stakes testing supporters), the media picks up on all the
incredible hypocrisy running rampant. In the case of NCLB, the grown-ups
are indignant that they are being held accountable for bad test results
when by other measures they're doing great but are perfectly comfortable
to "blame" students for failing the exit exams. Most of the time,
however, the double standard seems to go unnoticed.

I've started mentally swapping the word "blame" for "accountability" now
whenever the latter comes up. It gives a more honest sense of what we're
talking about here. Exit exams hold students accountable, or blame them,
for not getting whatever they needed to out of high school to pass the
test. NCLB holds schools and districts accountable, or blames them, for
not having the resources to get all their students to pass the test. I
hold G. W. Bush accountable, or blame him, for his attacks on children,
families and public education.


Sue Allison wrote:

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Subject: VA Superintendents protest NCLB

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When I read these articles about superintendents protesting these NCLB
designations -- I am always struck by the double standard. It's not OK
to judge THEM on high stakes test -- but where have these
superintendents been hiding when the VA DOE was proclaiming that the
SOL's would be high stakes for the diploma?